Overnight Visit Request Form - Fall 2018

Overnights during the fall semester are open to any current senior interested in getting a more in-depth look at Haverford. Overnights are offered on Monday through Thursday nights, beginning Sept. 17 and ending Dec. 13. If you are interested in an overnight visit with a particular athletic team, you should not use this form and should instead contact the coach directly. Coach contact information can be found in our Athletics Staff Directory

In order to ensure that we can find a host for you, we ask that you request an overnight visit at least two weeks before your stay. In addition to this survey, every student and a parent/guardian must review, sign, and return the overnight permission form, which can also be found on the Overnight Visits webpage. Your overnight visit will not be confirmed until our Overnight Host Coordinators, Grace and Johanna, have received your permission form. They will also confirm the date and time, so please keep an eye out for emails from haverfordohc@gmail.com. 
Mailing Address

Preferred Gender Pronouns
When would you like to stay overnight? We host students Monday through Thursday nights, September 17 through December 13. Please note, we will not be hosting overnight guests during Fall Break (October 15-18) or Thanksgiving (November 22-23).
If the above date is unavailable, do you have a second choice? We will do our best to host you on your first preference.

Should you need to cancel your overnight for any reason, please do your best to give us 2 days notice. You may call the Admission Office at 610-896-1350, or email the Overnight Host Coordinators, Grace and Johanna, at haverfordohc@gmail.com.