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Group Tour Request Form

Thank you for your interest in Haverford College - we look forward to welcoming you to campus! This form is for use in scheduling visits from high school groups, educational partnership organizations, youth groups, etc. If you are an individual or family wishing to take a tour of Haverford, please refer to our tour schedule, and visit campus whenever your schedule allows; there is no need to pre-register for regularly scheduled tours.Thanks!
When would you like to visit Haverford?
Please note: Group tour availability is limited in January, May, August and December due to our students’ academic schedules. The Admission Office is closed on Sundays, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and the Wednesday through Saturday of Thanksgiving. Group tours may also be unavailable during periods of heavy admission traffic (e.g., Columbus Day).
Are you interested in an information session in addition to a campus tour? If preferred, a Q&A session may be substituted for the information session. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate additional programming.
How old are your students? Please select all that apply.
Please note that middle school groups (up to 25 students) from local school districts should contact our community outreach program, 8th Dimension, at for a possible visit.
We are not typically able to offer lunch for group tours, but there are on-campus lunch options available for purchase. Lunch plans must be coordinated in advance, so please make a note below if you would like more information about dining options on campus.