Alumni Interview Request

Thank you for your interest in scheduling an alumni interview.

Please complete this form and someone from our staff will reach out to you as soon as possible with the name and contact information for an admission volunteer in your area. During certain times of the year it may take us anywhere from 1-3 weeks to connect you with a volunteer. Please note that once you hear back from us, it will be your responsibility to contact the admission volunteer to arrange a time and location for the interview.

Alumni interviews are conducted between September and January and are only available to high school seniors. We are unable to offer interviews to transfer applicants. 
Please know that alumni interviews have equal value with an on-campus interview; our admission process does not give preferential treatment to students who choose to interview on campus, so students should schedule an interview where it is most convenient.  

You can submit a request for an interview before an application is submitted.  The deadline for completion of Early Decision I interviews is November 15, the deadline for completion of Early Decision II interviews is January 15, and the deadline for completion of  Regular Decision interviews is January 31.  Please be mindful that it may take you several days or weeks to schedule a mutually convenient time to meet with the admission volunteer in your area, so students are encouraged to request an off-campus interview well in advance of these deadlines.  

Please provide the address from which you will travel to your interview. This address will be used to determine the closest available interviewer.

High School Address

Which round do you plan to apply to Haverford?

Special notes for students living outside of the United States:  Due to the high demand of interview requests from students outside of the United States, there may be limited availability of alumni interviewers in your area.  Students living overseas who apply via Early Decision I should request interviews well in advance of the November 15 application deadline. Students living overseas who apply via Early Decision II should request interviews well in advance of the January 1 application deadline. For students living overseas who apply via Regular Decision, priority for alumni interviews will be given to those students who request interviews well in advance of the January 15 application deadline.  Additionally, due to the high demand for alumni interviews overseas, interview requests for Regular Decision candidates may not be fulfilled until January.  Students living overseas are similarly encouraged to submit application materials prior to the January 15 Regular Decision postmark deadline.