QuestBridge Application Supplement for 2020-21

Please fill out this form if you are applying to Haverford using the QuestBridge application in our Early Decision or Regular Decision processes only. If you are submitting a Common Application you do not need to complete this form - these questions are already asked on the Common Application.

High School Address
High School Address
How have you learned about Haverford College? (Please select all that apply)
How have you learned about Haverford College? (Please select all that apply)


A Haverford education is distinguished by the extraordinary trust placed in students, the emphasis on student agency in all facets of the academic and community experience, and the cultivation of ethical leadership. All of this is embodied in our student-run Honor Code. The Haverford Honor Code is not a set of rules, but rather a statement of shared values centered on the concepts of trust, concern, and respect. It serves as an educational tool in and of itself and provides a powerful framework for our community, emphasizing and supporting qualities we see as essential to a Haverford education. Among other things, the Honor Code at Haverford shapes:

  • Academic Freedom: The Honor Code fosters an atmosphere emphasizing academic integrity, collaboration over competition, and the cultivation of intellectual curiosity. Differences and disagreement are respected, valued, and embraced, and open discourse is seen as fundamental to the academic endeavor.
  • Student Agency: The Honor Code upholds a culture in which students are deeply trusted to take substantial ownership of their education and to profoundly shape and define the Haverford community. Student ownership is reflected in self-scheduled exams, in the fact that every student completes a Senior Thesis, in shared responsibility for the residential experience, and of course in oversight of the Honor Code itself.
  • Community: The Honor Code establishes a supportive environment for living and learning, where the community experience plays a central role in one’s education. The inherent value of every community member is recognized, and diversity in all respects - including diversity of background, experience, and perspective - is nurtured, celebrated, and embraced.
  • Leadership and Ethical Engagement: The Honor Code allows every student to find and develop their own voice, to practice ways of improving community and acting on issues of importance, to learn methods of problem solving and conflict resolution, and to examine the ways they can and will impact the world beyond Haverford.

Please give us a better sense of what you are looking for in your college experience by answering the following questions:

1. Tell us about a topic or issue that sparks your curiosity and gets you intellectually excited. How do you think the environment at Haverford and the framework of the Honor Code would foster your continued intellectual growth?

Using the QuestBridge application, you may have chosen to write about a topic that intellectually excites you. If you did, we hope you take the opportunity to either:

- Expand on the topic you already wrote about, including how Haverford specifically will support your intellectual path (please do not copy and paste the same response from your QuestBridge application) OR

- Take this opportunity to tell us about another intellectual passion and how Haverford will empower you to further explore this.

Please limit your response to 250 words.
2. Please tell us what motivated you to apply to Haverford and what excites you most as you imagine your Haverford experience. Please limit your response to 150 words.